Verde, grijă pentru natură, Poiana Mucenicului

Poiana Mucenicului

we build memories

Poiana mucenicului - Camera -11M – Capul călugărului
Poiana Mucenicului, locul
we build memories

our story

We gave life to this place, Poiana Mucenicului, out of the desire to help you build memories, discovering specific elements of the Argeș area: traditions, food, history and the way of life of the people from this part of Romania.

Our passion and perseverance will form the basis of the principle that what we do defines who we are.

by giving you will gain

We harmoniously blend the history of the area, the beauty of the place, and high-standard services. By investing time spent here, by nourishing your being - body and soul, you will gain at least the desire to return. In turn, we have the opportunity to be constantly connected to authentic social and relational sources through yourselves.

close to nature

At Poiana Mucenicului you are always close to nature. The boutique hotel is nestled at the foothills of the mountain, on the banks of the Argeș River, surrounded by forest and clean air. From here, you can quickly reach the Vidraru Dam and Lake, as well as hiking trails in the Făgăraș Mountains.

Poiana Mucenicului, Transfagarasan, Pensiune Transfagarsan (2)

Here, you will be constantly connected with nature, activating the sensory zone of the human being and intuitively acquiring a spiritual perception. We are a complete, consistent, and compliant team that continuously invests in the people who compose it.

Irina, Poiana Muncenicului

What can I do at Poiana Mucenicului?

We build memories

Poiana Mucenicului is the ideal place for you whether you want to enjoy nature and consume the last drop of energy on a bike ride through the Făgăraș Mountains or on a kayak trip, but also when you want to rest your soul, savoring the peace and beauty of nature. 

Poiana Mucenicului offers you the charming setting for organizing ceremonies, anniversaries, or family reunions. We are here to help you capture in your mind and soul the most beautiful and meaningful moments. At the same time, you can find the right and motivating environment for corporate events, but also for seminars or thematic sessions.