Terms and Conditions

We like rules and believe that we cannot live in harmony without following them.

Out of concern for nature, for guests, but also for our location, we have outlined the Terms and Conditions of use at Poiana Mucenicului. The information can be changed or updated when necessary. By using this website, you agree to the terms and conditions of use.

1. Confidentiality of Information

Poiana Mucenicului will not collect through this website any personal information that could identify you, except for those provided by you voluntarily. In this case, the data will be used by us for a better understanding of your needs, for the improvement of products and services and to be able to contact you regarding your reservation.

2. Guest Arrival and Departure

The rooms are available starting at 14:00 and must be vacated on the day of departure by 11:00, unless otherwise agreed upon in advance.

The room check-in is done by presenting an identification document for registration in the management system and to receive the key corresponding to the reserved room.

In order to maintain our standards of comfort and quality, we reserve the right to check each room upon departure.

3. Guest Behavior

Guests are kindly requested to behave appropriately at all times and to respect other guests, employees, property, and belongings at Poiana Mucenicului.

Additional charges may apply if it is found that you have caused damage to the property during your stay or if items are missing upon departure.
The damage to items in this accommodation unit requires payment equal to the value of the purchase/arrangement of the damaged item, along with the associated labor costs.

We reserve the right to refuse accommodation and/or services offered and even to ask guests to leave the premises if it is proven that they have behaved inappropriately.

Do not use the towels for removing makeup, cleaning shoes, suitcases, or the floor.

It is essential to respect other tourists, and we consider the rest hours (22:00-07:00).

Guests are kindly requested to report to us, any malfunctions of appliances, installations, or other technical/furniture non-conformities as soon as possible.

Eating or preparing food in the room is not allowed.

4. Guest Selection

We reserve the right to refuse accommodation, restaurant service, and access to the premises for guests who are intoxicated, rude, or turbulent, and whose behavior may harm the hotel’s image or disturb other guests. The cost of any damage or degradation to material goods belonging to Poiana Mucenicului will be borne by those responsible for causing them.

We reserve the right to evacuate guests with inappropriate behavior from the accommodation unit and restaurant.

5. Smoking

Smoking is prohibited inside the location (rooms, restaurant, common areas), it is allowed only outside, with respect for others and the environment.

6. Surrounding Environment

We appeal to your care for the environment regarding both the inner courtyard and the green spaces near the Argeș River and the forest. We invite you to use the trash cans placed in the inner courtyard. Don’t forget that waste pollutes and attracts animals.

Being in a mountainous area, with room access only from the outside, we recommend using window screens and keeping doors closed to avoid unwanted visitors (insects, reptiles, mice). Also, for the safety of guests and hotel staff, please be informed that the location is equipped with an electric fence towards the forest area, due to incidents involving bears.

7. Accidents/Incidents

Any accident caused as a result of the improper use of the equipment or the use of the unit’s facilities without observing the corresponding safety rules is not our responsibility.

The introduction of weapons, white weapons or tear gas substances into Poiana Mucenicului is prohibited. In accordance with Romanian legislation, the consumption or sale of hallucinogenic or psychotropic substances is prohibited.

8. Pets

Pets are not allowed on the premises of our location.

9. Rates

The prices displayed on the website vary depending on the season, availability, and demand. These can be changed by the Poiana Mucenicului team without prior notice. The prices will not be changed after you have received the booking confirmation.

10. Reservations and Payments

For reservations, please contact us directly at the email address or phone number displayed on the website.

Unsecured reservations will be held until 18:00 (local time) on the day of arrival and released automatically after this time, unless the reservation is guaranteed with a valid card at the time of booking or a prepaid payment. In case of a no-show, we reserve the right to retain the amount equivalent to the first night and release the room for the remaining reserved period.

Guests can cancel reservations without incurring additional charges up to 48 hours before the actual check-in. If available, reservations can be made for a specific room or any available room.

11. Children

The accommodation for children aged 0-6 is free, and for children under 2, a crib may be provided based on availability (with prior request).

Children require supervision, considering the proximity of the forest, the river, and the configuration of the location. Parents, guardians or companions are responsible for the actions of minors and undertake to take care of them, respectively that they behave responsibly and do not disturb other guests.

Children under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult.

Please inform the reception or restaurant staff about any allergies or food intolerances.

12. Car Parking

At the entrance from the main road DN7C, on the left side, you will find the parking lot of Poiana Mucenicului. Guests can drive up to the reception area to drop off their luggage; afterward, the car can be parked in the specially designated area.

No parking fees are charged for cars; however, guests are responsible for their vehicles and any belongings inside.