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Poiana Mucenicului
Up the Argeș River

We are Poiana Mucenicului, a boutique hotel located at the entrance to the Argeș gorges, at the foot of Poenari Fortress. We offer you a refined experience by harmoniously blending the history of the place, the beauty of the landscapes and high-standard services to build memories.


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the terraces and restaurant

We aim to amaze you both with the beautifully landscaped terraces, overlooking the Argeș River and with the food carefully prepared according to local recipes.


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The Argeș River


Discover in our blog articles the beauty of the place, its cultural richness and the diversity of activities you can do.


We are located on the Argeș River, right at the entrance to the gorge that bears its name, on the left bank, near Poenari Fortress. We are approximately:

  • 20 km from Curtea de Argeș
  • 150 km from București
  • 4 km from Vidraru Dam
  • 85 km from Bâlea Lake
  • 2 km from Valea lui Stan Trail / starting point
  • 110 km from Brâncoveanu Monastery
  • 40 km from Robaia Monastery
  • 45 km from Corbii de Piatră

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